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What is soil? Everything you need to know about soil.

Soil is the upper layer of earth in which plants grow, a black or dark brown material typically consisting of a mixture of organic remains, clay, and rock particles.

The best soil to grow food is dark and black because of the presence of microorganisms. It's important to pay attention for the real reason why the soil is black. Sometimes, companies that sell "dead" soil put charcoal or burned waste in a mix of sand and dirty just to make it to appear good. The real good soil is alive. It is full of bacterias, funghi's and other living microorganisms that create an ecosystems that provides the perfect environment for plants to bloom and give a good yield.

It's possible to make a soil analysis that allow us to understand it deeper and get some good insights as a conclusion for a design or a farming plan. The soil analysis is important for several reasons, for example to understand:

- Soil Texture;

- Chemistry of the Soil,

- Nutrients & Farming Opportunities.

Soil Texture

The analysis about soil texture is the about the mineral components we can find in the soil. Components such as sand, silt and clay, and their proportions determine the soil's texture. It is vital to understand all these following aspects of the soil if you want to create real prosperity on our crops: porosity, permeability, infiltration, shrink-swell rate, water-holding capacity, and susceptibility to erosion.

The soil analysis about texture usually is represented by a triangle chart, take a look into this version that Maruchu Bussan created to explain more about it. If you want to know about the soil you have in our land, send an email to our team. We have the most advanced technology and experts that can really understand potentials opportunities and also problems we can avoid in a farm.

[insert image about soil texture with the colors and the logo]

Chemistry of the Soil

The chemistry of a soil determines its ability to supply available plant nutrients and affects its physical properties and the health of its living population. Different plants have different needs, but all plants are resilient. In a good soil, the biodiversity of microorganism creates resiliency due to their diversity. It is good to keep plants healthy and provides the foundation for a good growth.

The analysis of the chemistry in the soil allow us to understand which is the p.H. of the soil. It can be alkaline or a little bit acid, a lot of farmers use chemicals that are not a good option to create good soil. When they farm with chemicals, farmers got in a trap, if they stop adding external nutrients, the plants can not grow. Other important aspect of to understand about the chemistry of the soil is the N, P, K ratio composition. Plants in different stages have different needs, for example, when the flowering and the fruiting moment arrives, the plant needs way more nutrients than the other stages.

Nutrients & Farming Opportunities

The most important elements to have in a soil are Nitrogen, Phosphorous and Potassium, these are primary nutrients to cover the needs of a plant in an early stage development. A good soil that is alive, as we mentioned before, with an active and healthy microbiology ecosystem that can benefit from the addition of organic materials such as compost and fertilizer. Organic matter can help on creating interactions that naturally brings or create another nutrients and elements, for example, in a flowering stage, the intake plants need from Ca, Fe, Si, S, Mg, Mn and Cu are way bigger than in previous stages.

To understand the soil is the first step on what is the most important element to create prosperity. This is just a small text with superficial content, we are expert about soil and about farming. If you want to know more about it, soon we will publish a eBook about Soil and Soi Analysis. Subscribe here to know more. [insert link]

If you are a farmer and want to know more about your soil, about opportunities of our land, wrote for us consulting team. We will be excited with the opportunity to work together and regenerate the planet.

Our mission is to leave a legacy to the next generations, we want to invite more families to join our movement to grow with prosperity, join us.

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