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Building Super Subway in your ground

Almost every plant in your garden, farm, forest and so on are in some sort of relationship with mycorrhizal fungi. It was not discovered until very recent.

Only four things you need to know about this fungus.

Increase efficiency of uptaking nutrients. Building Subway System.

Think of Mycorrhiza as subways in Tokyo. The subway in Tokyo, Japan covers every edge of Tokyo like a web. The objective of subway is pumping people to other places without traffic jams, most efficiently. Same thing is happening beneath of your garden. Mycorrhiza is transferring nutrients from outside of their plants range (place where their roots cannot reach) in most efficient foam. Hence your plants grow faster and healthier. This is not a debate. Proven facts.

Increase resistance of drought. Underground swimming pool.

Imagine you have water tank below the surface. If there is not rain in the sky for many days, mycorrhiza is your best ally in dry season.

Protection from Pathogens: Best N95 mask underground.

Since Mycorrhiza creates barrier around the roots, It becomes protection from diseases. It is difficult for pathogens to compete for nutrients with mycorrhiza. So, plants are not likely to getting sick.

Improve soil structure and carbon storage. Make nice bed for you.

Last thing you need to know is that mycorrhiza is the best maid of all. This will make your soil structure, so water and air can go through. The fungi produces glomalin, which major source for carbon in the soil. This fungus are associated with almost all kinds of plant at the same time. It is like 5G in the ground. So cool isn’t it?

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