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Maruchu Bussan understand that soil is a living system that provides plants all the nutrients they need. One option is to add chemical fertilizers in our soil, but it’s not a long term solution that brings stability and prosperity. If you stop adding it, soil and plants die.


Family is essential for Maruchu Bussan; for this reason, we developed the exclusive technology: Healthy Living Soil® and Organic Supersoil®.


A technology from Japan that works in harmony with nature. Providing the perfect environment for funghi, bacterias, and other microorganisms to thrive.

This harmony brings real prosperity not only for the vegetables, fruits, herbs, and plants. It also brings prosperity to the family who grows it



Maruchu Bussan is working hard to bring another level of quality and effectives to farming process in Thailand. Check this image to see how important a living soil eco-system is:

soil section-imagetowebsite-high.jpg


The day we learn to take care of our soil, seedlings, and plants like we take care of our family, we will be able to create real prosperity. It will happen in an individual and on a collective level.


Maruchu Bussan believes that it is possible to create a world with abundance, love, kindness, and compassion in harmony with nature.


For this reason, we work hard to create the most advanced organic products. Soil, Fertilizers, Consulting, there is a lot we can do together to make the world a better place. It is our responsibility to be sustainable and protect nature.


If you have a farm or a garden and agree with our vision, you should use TaneDakara Seedling Soil®. The germination rate is above 80%. It provides all the nutrients for the plant development. 

We are going to transform our website in a portal to inspire more people to grow organic food and also to connect families with inittiatives that supports sustainable and regenerative agriculture.

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